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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I’m uncertain about whether to submit my manuscript?

Answer: Go ahead and submit it! You don’t need to email and ask if it’s okay to send it in (if you’re unsure about whether or not it might be a good fit). We’ll take a look and see. And after all, you don’t know unless you try. We get a lot of “Can I send you my manuscript?” questions. So many that, unfortunately, we can’t respond to each one. If in doubt, send it and we’ll take a look.

2. Can you give me writing tips if I’m still working on my manuscript?

Answer: Unfortunately, we cannot give guidance on how to write a book. In general, book length, for both fiction and non-fiction books, ranges between the 25k to 100k (or so) word count for overall marketability. Some books are longer of course, but that’s a general guideline. For guidance on content, we recommend you find beta-readers who are not close friends or immediate family members. Ask them to give you very honest feedback on the content of your book. And keep in mind that you’re looking for criticism – rather than praise – to help make your manuscript stronger and therefore more attractive to publishers.

3. Do you typically accept manuscripts on politics and/or books about other controversial issues?

Answer: Yes and no. While we do not shy away from controversial topics (some of our non-fiction memoirs are gritty and controversial in some ways), we also aren’t out to alienate readers. Typically books that are highly political in nature but do not have mass appeal would not be something we would be interested in. Similarly, “end times” books, while they have their place, are very difficult to market to a mass audience. In general, we seek to publish books that not only contribute to a civil discourse overall, but also appeal in the general market to everyday readers. If in doubt, submit it anyway. But please know some books are more appealing to our readers than others.

4. I may want to work with/for eLectio. Are you hiring?

Answer: As with manuscripts, it never hurts to ask and/or send in your resume. However, please know that we have a fairly low turnover with our staff and openings are pretty tough to come by. We always appreciate hearing from potential employees and you are welcome to submit a letter of interest, along with your resume. In that case, you may submit it to: info [at] electiopublishing [dot] com. We will make every attempt to respond in a reasonable time frame. However, please keep in mind we receive thousands of emails every month, so we appreciate your patience.

5. Can you explain how royalties work if I were to become one of your authors? And do you charge any fees like a lot of presses out there?

Answer: We pay royalties quarterly. That is further explained and discussed only after a manuscript is accepted for possible publication. As mentioned elsewhere on this site, eLectio is a traditional publisher in every sense of the word. That means we do not have any fees. However, it also means we must be very selective in what we publish. (Please see the next question.)

6. If I become an author, will you help me market my book? How does all of that work?

Answer: Like most traditional presses, eLectio partners with its authors to assist in marketing. However, we expect our authors to take an active role in promoting her/his book. When submitting your book, it is quite helpful (but not required) to include a marketing plan for your book, should it be published, for after publication. In this digital age, an active social media presence, as well as the interest in book signings and live events is all quite helpful to have planned out from the very beginning. This process is discussed in much more detail after a manuscript is accepted for publication.

7. I purchased a paperback from eLectio but don't have it yet. What do I need to do?

Typically we ask that you allow 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive (if you live in North America; however, books often arrive quicker than that). If you live on another continent, please allow an additional 1-2 weeks. While your order can sometimes come faster than that, shipping times can vary significantly. If it has been longer that that and you have not received your book(s), please contact us at: info [at] electiopublishing [dot] com and put "book order" in the email subject line. We will be glad to check your order status for you.

8. I have a great manuscript I wrote and I want to mail it to you. What's your address for me to mail you my book?

We do not accept any submissions via postal service, or any other type of physical mailing or shipment. We suggest you convert the manuscript to a high-quality digital file (preferably in a newer version of Microsoft Word), and follow the submission guidelines listed on this site.

9. I would like to contact one of your authors. How do I do that?

While we cannot give out any personal information regarding our authors, we do recommend social media as an excellent way to reach her/him and offer compliments or ask questions.

10. I have a great book I just finished writing but I don't know how the process works. Do I need an agent?

No, you don't. We work with agents and appreciate all they do. But you are welcome to submit your manuscript to eLectio directly.  

11. I have started writing a book and know how I am going to finish it. Can I send you a proposal or the first three chapters to see if it works for eLectio?

While some publishing houses accept proposals or parts of works, we ask that you only send a work for consideration after it has been completed. We will evaluate the work in its entirety and make a decision based on that. Unfortunately, proposals and partial works cannot be considered.

12. I'm really excited about the book I wrote. Can you tell me all about how the process works?

Many new authors are excited about the various aspects of book publication and sales. However, the first step is to get the book published. Each company varies some on how the process is handled after manuscript acceptance. If your work is chosen for publication, we will work with you every step of the way.

13. My religious views are complicated. Is that a factor when I submit my manuscript?

No. We simply ask that your manuscript follows our submission guidelines; it is the manuscript that is evaluated for publication consideration. We do not have any type of religious requirements for our authors.

14. Do you work with churches, clubs, or other organizations that may be interested in buying a book or devotional in a large quantity?

Yes. If you are involved with a church or other group that may be interested in buying a large quantity of a particular study or book at a discount (the minimum purchase amount and discount rate varies depending on group type and book needed), please contact us at: info [at] electiopublishing [dot] com. In the email heading, please put "group rate" as the subject heading. Please include your full name, group name, email address, and best phone number to reach during regular business hours. We will have a representative contact you within two business days to discuss your need with you.

15. Someone told me that my life story was amazing. I've thought about writing it down but never written anything before. Any advice?

Start writing. Some of the best books ever written were by individuals who had never written anything before in their life. At some point, you may want to consider it for publication. But you never know until you start writing. If nothing else, the story will be written down for future generations.

16. I want to actually talk with someone from your company. Can I arrange a time to do that?

Answer: Unfortunately, due to the high volume of requests we receive, we only schedule calls for prospective or current authors (along with vendor, agents, etc). If you have questions about book publication, we recommend reading through the website very carefully, as most questions are answered here. We also will respond to relevant questions that are submitted via email.

17. I would like to consider having one of your team members speak at my group function. Do you have anyone who speaks at group events?

Answer: Yes, we do. Simply email the pertinent information to: info [at] electiopublishing [dot] com and we’ll get back to you. Similarly, if you would like to contact a specific person associated with eLectio Publishing (a specific officer, editor, etc), please email to that address and we’ll make sure the message gets sent along to the appropriate person.

18. I received a rejection letter from eLectio Publishing. Can I submit a different book for consideration or again down the road?

Answer: Of course. Whether a rejection letter from us or from another press, don’t take it personally. That’s simply part of staying at it. You are welcome to submit a different manuscript to us and/or try again down the road. Please understand that we appreciate all writers; it simply may not be the right fit for us at the time.

19. I’m a current/former author, but I lost touch my contact information and need to get back in touch with someone about my book(s), ordering, royalties, or other question. How would I do that?

Answer: Simply send us an email with your information and specific need request to info [at] electiopublishing [dot] com and we’ll email you back and see if we can help.

20. I have another question that isn't listed here. How would I get that answered?

You are welcome to fill out the fields in the "Contact Us" section if there is an important question/concern that is not answered here. However, most answers to commonly asked questions can be found throughout this site. Thank you for taking a few minutes to look around. We are always adding great new works and updating our content, so we hope you'll come back often!